Juan Galán

I was born in Spain but for the last 12 years I have been moving from one country to another for work in search of experiences. This has motivated me to review and adapt my identity in different contexts. I graduated in Psychology and my work has been constantly influenced by it as well as philosophy, especially existentialism.

I am interested in how life is composed of movement and change. In understanding societies through one’s own identity as an individual and investigating and recording knowledge of the reality of one’s own existence. Endlessly framing the everyday aspects while looking for a friction between the real document and my own vision, ultimately to highlight the individual human being as the creator of the meaning of his life. A temporality, and his concrete existence in a context and time fuelled by the responsibility of every human to live his own life in a passionate and sincere way, despite the thousand obstacles that may arise.

Currently, I am documenting the lifestyle of the local people in Southern Italy.

Here you can take a look at my project about rescued photos found in the vintage cameras I collect: rescuedphotos.com

*Most of the analog photographs have been taken with expired rolls of film, more than 20 years old. Hence the grainy texture and partial veils.