Juan Galán

I began my education in photography by attending classes at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca (Spain) without being a registered student, simply as a listener motivated by curiosity to see what was being taught in the field.

In the last six years, while moving from one country to another for work in search of experiences, my commitment to photography increased gradually since I attended the first class at that faculty. I became interested in its history while collecting and shooting vintage cameras, learning how to develop film in the bathroom, enlarging photos, etc. I have tried many genres and styles until I finally found the one that allows me to express myself in the best way and combine them in my way.

Currently, I am documenting the lifestyle of the local people in Southern Italy. Exploring their core values, traditions, social life, religious beliefs, neighborhood business, close relationships, and so on.

Here you can take a look at my project about rescued photos found in the vintage cameras I collect: rescuedphotos.com

*Most of the analog photographs have been taken with expired rolls of film, more than 20 years old. Hence the grainy texture and partial veils.

Juan Galan Photographer-1-2